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Design Lodge is a design firm niched for vacation homes based in Sweden, founded by Louise Göthberg. 

We serve clients worldwide with services ranging from interior design, property investments to short time rental strategy and experience.

" To succeed in the world of short time rentals you have to offer more than just a comfortable place to sleep. "


Hi, I´m Louise!

The idea behind Design Lodge was developed with interest of my renovation projects in the real estate market. Which transitioned into establishment and valuable experience within the Airbnb platform and the Interior Design industry. 


Design Lodge was founded in the Swedish mountains where I was born and have my roots. Capturing inspiration from nature and destinations around the world has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Interior Design has especially become my favorite way of creating. 

I love to design new concepts and then combining them with a touch of earthy elements to create something that awakens the feeling of harmony within the human. Concepts created by me always feel connected to the environments they inhabit, whether it´s the countyside or the city, a beach or forest, a lake or anything in between.


 Through Design Lodge, I integrate my four passions - Design, travel, well-being and business. By combining them, I want to contrutibe to this world by creating inspiring and memorable environments where people can recharge and enjoy. 


I´m here, together with my partners, to help you design and realizing your investment dreams through our experiences and a good collaboration!

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